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Exploring Your City Is A Form Of Care! 

I remember when I first moved to Georgia, I wanted to see everything. Although my curiosity wanted to take the lead, my fears of getting lost turned into a much bigger runner-up. When we say “self-care“, it doesn’t mean a luxurious day at a spa and shopping spree. Nah, girlfriend! It means “you” time.

Living in a big city gives means different boroughs, and locals-favorite to visit. Think about it, you live in Downtown and frequent most places daily which could mean you don’t often take the time to visit the Westside or the Northside. There could be many places you’re missing out on the action because you haven’t left your comfort zone. It’s absolutely normal, trust me. We’re all creatures of habit. Well here’s something for you, I challenge you to explore your town. Trust me when I say that a) it doesn’t have to break the bank, b) this will help you will feel more connected with the place you live in, and c) meet the locals!

Here are 10 (well-lived) tips to help you get started:

  1. Make a list of some of the places you may have heard about but haven’t visited.
  2. Decide on how many hours you’re giving yourself to play tourist in your own city. that way you can help manage your time a little bit.
  3. Get social — I like to look at Instagram (or any social media outlet they run) to get a feel for the establishment. I also visit their website to get the address and begin road mapping.
  4. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the moment. Don’t simply order a coffee to-go at the newest coffee shop and leave. Have a seat, and take this moment to reflect on your week, or any current or past decisions you’ve made. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to gain clarity.
  5. Peep out the menu — this one is my favourite. Not only does it give me an idea of how much eating will cost me but this also gives me an idea of what to expect and order upfront. Especially if you’re in a time crunch and want to savor the time, and meal. Oh, and let’s not forget dietary needs.
  6. Give yourself a budget! You don’t need to break the bank on your first visit. if you find yourself in awe of your first visit, plan for the second one in your calendar or post-it that way this will give you something to look forward to.
  7. Pay it forward! If you believe a place is somewhere your friend, or a relative may enjoy, share it with them. Take the time to speak about your experience and why this place could benefit them.
  8. Keep a notebook, and pen handy. As you are taking this time to care for yourself, leave your phone alone (fine, GPS is okay). the whole reason for this is to explore and to be in the moment. I personally like to write things down when I’m in a new environment. A lot of new ideas tend to come to mind, and having my tools for writing available is a win.
  9. Look out for daily deals, and coupons. If watching a movie is your thing, some places will offer a half-price ticket price during a matinée showing. this way you can enjoy a popcorn and movie🍿 for the price of a full ticket. Check out the museum they also run some cool deals.
  10. And simply, enjoy. There is no right or wrong way to do this but to just allow your sense of exploration to guide you. Take this time to be guided by yourself. You’ll never regret this.

The ride is yours, have fun!


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I enjoy long walks in the produce section at the grocery store. self-recruited editor with a passion for whole foods plant-based living + wellness.

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